Massage “Extra relaxation lingam”

30 min. – 80€
60 min. – 120€

Massage with bringing to relaxation without penetration with one ending.

Massage “Extra Relax Lingam Double (2 specialists)”

30 min. – 200€
60 min. – 250€

The specialist(s) are in underwear, stockings or without at the request of the customer.

Additions to massage programs for one specialist:

– blowjob +20€
– shared shower +20€
– cunnilingus +20€
– testicle kissing +20€
– sex +40€
– light lesbian show +40€
– frank lesbian show +100€
– peep show with toy easy without penetration +40€
– peep show toy frank with penetration +80€

✓The Extra Relax and Extra Relax Double programs provide sensual, detailed massaging of the genital area: pubis, testicles, penis, perineum. Aimed at maximum arousal in order to achieve orgasm and restore blood flow to increase and restore sensitivity.


“Nuru Lingama”

20 min. – 100€ (1 finish)
30 min. – 150€ (2 finishes)
60 min. – 200€ (unlimited relaxation)

This program includes:
Massage of the penis and testicles with the magic handles of a specialist,
using Nuru gel with an enchanting ending.

For this program, you can order
addition Sex+Body massage, foot-job, etc.

20 minutes. +50€
30 min. +80€
60 min. +100€

 “Nuru” massage

60 min. – 150€
90 min. – 180€

The program includes body massage, lingam massage using seaweed gel.
It is forbidden to apply the gel during sexual contact under a condom in this program.
Intimate contact in this program can be with an additional payment of +40€.
There are two endings.

Massage “Party boom”

60 min. – 250€
90 min. – 320€
180 min. – 450€

This program includes:
classical, body, lingam massage. Choice of “Stone” or “Nuri” addition
Blowjob, cunnilingus, position 69, light peep show with a toy without penetration, petting, kissing the body, testicles.
You can take a second specialist to this program for only +50% of the program cost.

Massage “Hot Stone”

60 min. – 150€
90 min. – 180€

The program includes:
Light classical massage rubbing without deep massage,
use of hot or cold stones at the request of the customer
Light body kisses, body, lingam massage.

Program “Tenderness”

60 min. – 120€
90 min. – 160€

This program includes hugs, light strokes, gentle tactile touches of the whole body. Bringing to relaxation by the method of stimulation of the genital organs.

Program “Hard jerk”

60 min. – 150€
90 min. – 180€

The program includes pinching all parts of the body including nipples, light slaps,
slaps (optional), intense masturbation using additional devices and hands
Blowjob, cunnilingus, position 69.

Prostate massage

30 min. – 120€
60 min. – 200€
90 min. – 300€

The program includes:
Careful, deep study of the prostate gland by inserting
one finger of a specialist or a special device through the anus with or without vibration at the request of the customer.
The program is performed in nitrile gloves using a special lubricant for the anal canal.
Enema (mandatory).
Bringing to relaxation through masturbation and the use of additional devices at the request of the customer.

In all massage programs, the guest has the right to choose oil, cream or refuse to use it.

Sex programs without massage.

“Strawberry in cream” reception

The program uses cream, seasonal strawberries or fruits of your choice by reservation or bring your own.
This program includes sex, blowjob, two endings, ending on the chest, position 69, kissing the whole body. Anuslingus, rimming is not included in this program, but it can be taken as an addition.
A unique opportunity to decorate the body of a girl, a guy with cream and fresh fruits, and taste it all in a stunning ecstasy.

You can also order the program:

Strawberries in cream

And then the specialist you have chosen will decorate your body like a cake, and everything will be licked off you with gentle, sensitive movements.
An enchanting orgasm from this program is guaranteed to you.

Additions to sex programs without massage.

-Anuslingus reception +40€
-Anuslingus issue +200€
-Rimming reception +60€
-Rimming issuance +250€


Please note: The dominas working in our house are independent entrepreneurs and offer their services in their own name and on their own account. Payments for the services offered by the ladies are made exclusively to them and not to the operator. Please coordinate all details regarding the services offered by the ladies exclusively with them. In order to avoid intra-club competition, the ladies have agreed on certain minimum prices for certain services. These are listed on the website. All ladies decide at their own discretion which services they wish to offer and whether additional costs will be incurred. Please clarify this with the lady of your choice.

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