Lingam massage is a sensual and incredibly pleasant sexual practice that has positive properties for the body. And an important point, it’s not just masturbation!

Translated from Sanskrit, lingam massage means “wand of light”, a beautiful designation that really conceals this “light”, or rather the light of new and pleasant sensations.

The girl touches the man’s penis with her palms or fingers very gently and slowly, also additionally caressing the scrotum, inner thighs, pubis, and you can add prostate stimulation.

A suitable atmosphere, subdued light, soft bedding, a pleasant smell in the room are important to make a man relax, because at the very moment when he lies down, he will have a long journey into the world of new sensations of his body, which he probably did not even think about.
A pleasantly smelling massage oil is applied to the penis and the area around, pre-heating in the girl’s gentle hands, so that the first touch has already made itself felt.
The girl rubs the oil over the man’s groin with light and slow movements, lightly touching the scrotum around the penis, then she can gently walk with her nails to add a little thrill.

Such a slow and sensual approach in this massage still has a scientifically based meaning. When a man experiences gradual arousal, where the moment of ejaculation is not the initial goal to strive for, but places the body and pelvis to relax, and if you add prostate massage to this, you can improve erection durability and prolong sexual intercourse.
Yes, it is to delay the onset of ejaculation, when the man is already at his peak and ready to finish, and the girl slows down or switches stimulation from the penis to the scrotum or inner thighs, reducing arousal, and if you do it several times during the massage, then the brightness of the male orgasm to reach a new level of possibilities of his sensations.

We figured it out, but is it possible to have such a massage session for a couple, for example?
Of course, and this is a very common practice for liberation and variety in a couple! Often, sexologists recommend a joint visit to an erotic massage parlor for a couple to form a new communication line of sexual relations.

An excellent opportunity to plunge into the world of relaxation, pleasure, rapprochement with your partners and your own body. Surrender to the hands of specially trained professionals who know their business and will find an individual approach to your body.

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